Covering Ampthill, Maulden & Millbrook

What is Ampthill & District Good Neighbours?

Ampthill & District Good Neighbours is a Voluntary Group that provides a link between those residents in Ampthill, Maulden & Millbrook  needing help and those who are willing to offer it. The Group acts as a safety net for all residents, young and old. Using local volunteers. Ampthill & District Good Neighbours builds on existing help already provided in the town and also fills gaps in that provision. Find out more .......

Do You Need Help?

Then Call:

07833 314 903

Our volunteers may for example be able to take you to your doctors apointment, collect your prescription or take you shopping. There are many other examples of help we can provide, please find out more .......

Always give us plenty of time to arrange that help. 

Would You Like to Volunteer for Ampthill & District Good Neighbours?

The volunteers of Ampthill and District Good Neighbours are unassuming individuals. To look at them as they go about their every day lives you may not realise that they are superheroes in the mould of Superman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman.

You don't need to be able to fly, see through brick walls or read minds (though that may help). But you do need to be passionate about the work of the scheme as for those in need in our communities benefit immeasurably from the volunteer work of our unassuming superheroes. Learn more about becoming a volunteer .......

What's New

Central Beds Council - Changes to Benefits - Welfare Update

Central Beds Council - Changes to Benefits

Central Beds Council have produced the 'Changes to Benefits - Welfare Reform Update' Guide that explais the recent changes in benefits relating to Under Occupation (also known as the 'Bedroom Tax'), Council Tax Support, The Benefit Cap and Universal Credit.

Download: 'Changes to Benefits - Welfare Reform Update' Guide

Other Transport Help

Sometimes Ampthill & District Good Neighbour are unable to offer volunteer help. There are other voluntary transport services that may be able to offer assistance, such as WRVS Good Neighbours, Mid Beds Link-A-Ride and Flittabus. Find out more ......

Help with Your Safety

Bedfordshire & Luton Fire Service Safety Check Service and Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust's 'Bobby' Scheme can offer help if you are concerned about your personal safety. Find out more .....

Other Help Available for You

There are many local groups that can provide practical help in your time of need. Find out more ......

Equipment For You

Ampthill & District Good Neighbours have a Wheelchair and  Swivel Cushions that can be loaned to residents of Ampthill, Maulden and Millbrook for a short period of time. In addition British Red Cross offer medical equipment loans. Find out more .......

Help provided by Ampthill & District Good Neighbours

Ampthill & District Good Neighbours have provide help to the community since 2006. Find out more about the help we have provided in the past .....

Local Health and Welfare Details

Find out about Ampthill's Doctors, Dentists, Chemists and Opticans, including Cheeseman's Prescription Delivery Service. More Details .....

Other Good Neighbours Schemes

Village Care Schemes and Good Neighbours Schemes are serving communities across Bedfordshire. Find out more .....

Our Supporters

We would like to thank the following for their support of Ampthill & District Good Neighbours:

  • The Grassroots Fund (from Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation)
  • Ampthill Town Council
  • Former Ampthill Mayor (2010/11) - Margaret Wilson - for raising funds for us during her mayoral year
  • Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity

Find out more about our supporters .......

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